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Our Onsite Account Managers are dedicated points-of-contact who will always have the latest knowledge and status of you and your business.
They recruit, select & induct workers, provide face to face client support, check shift attendance & be a contact for all your working Temporary staff.
In addition your Onsite Account Manager will monitor performance in line with your KPI’s & procedures & deliver information and consult with you to facilitate improvements and growth.

We Can Help

Case studies


Impact recruitment works with a wide variety of excellent companies on a range of recruitment needs. Our consultants pride themselves on building long-term relationships, focussing on really understanding the unique needs of our clients and provide innovative recruitment strategies tailored to those requirements.

To show how we could benefit your business, take a look at our case studies below to find out how we helped source the right people to match our clients' requirements and overcome their recruitment challenge.


Improving Retention

Company/Sector: Warehouse and logistics, FTSE 250 company

Duration of supply: Since 2002

Supply type: Initially branch supply with a dedicated in-branch account manager, later developing into supplying an onsite team who work alongside our client’s management team.

Types of roles: Warehouse operatives, forklift drivers, trainers

Location: UK

Client issue: Due to a huge peak in business, our client required a vast number of people onsite who required training and signing off internally on MHE, for insurance purposes. Despite temporarily giving alternative manual duties to some staff, to help utilise the bottleneck of people waiting for sign-off, there was concern that this would cause retention issues, as candidates were delayed getting on their preferred job role ‘on the trucks’.

Our tailored solution and results:  Impact took on our own trainer who provided all the necessary training, testing and assessing onsite to efficiently onboard our candidates. In between training the new temporary staff, our trainer carried out refresher training with the permanent team, allowing supervisors and manager’s time to further improve efficiencies. Due to added capacity for onboarding, Impact could continue quickly filling the vacancies needed to deal with the client’s peak trading period. Impact’s trainer soon became a permanent member or our client’s team and they achieved their most successful peak to date.


Reducing Peak Problems

Company/Sector: National distribution centre for a Multi-National healthcare company

Duration of supply: Since 2004

Supply type: Branch supply with a dedicated in-branch account manager.

Types of roles: Warehouse operatives, customer service advisors, forklift drivers, Quality control staff, supervisors

Location: UK

Client issue: Due to an unexpected peak in business, our client required a large number of temporary employees onsite. This increase in numbers naturally led to an increase in HR / training requirements, general enquiries, questions about pay and benefits etc. as occurs with any new (or established) team or department. While our temporary workers carried out their job roles successfully under the guidance of the client’s supervisors, our client naturally didn’t want the distraction and increased workload of dealing with Financial or HR-related queries (which can occur as a result of the extra headcount) during peak trading

Our tailored solution and results: Impact set up a weekly clinic for our temporary staff on our client’s site. In addition to the regular contact from their dedicated account manager through check-ins onsite and telephone calls, this gave a more formal opportunity for temporary staff to ‘check-in’ on a personal level, as well as ask questions and resolve any queries they may have.

Knowing our account manager would be on-hand to deal with any queries, helped both our temporary staff and our clients. Our temp workers knew Impact were there to look after their needs and welfare as their employers. This enabled our client to continue focussing on delivering their targets and maximising the productivity and output of the temporary staff.

Stabilising Chaos, Creating Harmony

Company/Sector: National distribution centre for an International sporting goods retailer

Duration of supply: Since 2019

Supply type: Branch supply with a dedicated in-branch account manager.

Types of roles: Warehouse operatives, MHE drivers, Assembly workers

Location: UK

Client issue: When Impact started supplying the client, they were dealing with 8 different agencies, due to their need for huge numbers of a variety of temporary staff, for numerous departments. As business continued to grow, so too did the continuous stream of new starters. This presented new challenges for our client of identifying which agencies the temporary employees were arriving from, establishing which department and job role they were expected to go to and, of course, a huge number of people to induct onsite. The night shifts were proving to be particularly challenging as, due to more limited management resources, it was too chaotic and busy to induct and onboard appropriately at the beginning of the shift.

Our tailored solution and results:  Impact offered to deliver all on-site inductions for both our agency staff and other agencies, completing all compliance paperwork required by both Impact and the client, introducing them seamlessly to the relevant department and their new supervisor on completion.

For the night shift, we suggested that new starters join their first shift an hour later. Again, Impact delivered the appropriate induction, completed the compliance paperwork and introduced the temporary workers to the relevant supervisor once the shift was up and running.

These changes gave our client reassurance that the inductions were of a consistent, high standard across all the agency workers supplied and that all compliance paperwork was complete. Showing temporary employees to their workstations and introducing them to the supervisors ‘ready-to-go’, saved our clients time and extra work and reduced the workers settling in time. As they could ‘hit the ground running’, on all shifts, this reduced the need for management staff to help with transitions, avoiding interruption of an already busy shift time and maximising the productivity of the temporary workers.


Responding To Changing Needs

Company/Sector: Warehouse and logistics, FTSE 250 company

Duration of supply: Since 2002

Supply type: Initially branch supply with a dedicated in-branch account manager, later developing into supplying an onsite team who work alongside our client’s management team.

Types of roles: Supervisors, warehouse operatives, quality control operatives, forklift drivers, trainers.

Location: UK

Client issue: Due to an unexpected fault with a product, our client was faced with a dilemma. Discovering that there would be an 8-week lead time to get the replacement stock into the country, which was required to fulfil their orders, our client knew that this would not be a satisfactory solution. The alternative to getting in new stock was to organise for 60,000 units to be recalled, unwrapped, quality checked, sorted and re-wrapped ready for the prompt despatch to customers to ensure the goods would arrive, in perfect condition, over the next two weeks! It was a Friday afternoon, and the goods were due to begin the next leg of their delivery journey, to the customer, on the Monday.

Our tailored solution and results: By the Monday morning Impact had over 50 extra members of staff on our client’s site, including supervisors to oversee the quality/recall project. This involved a very swift recruiting campaign, alongside a search of our established and ready-interviewed data base. Impact worked alongside the client’s management team to ensure the project was completed successfully within two weeks- all 60,000 pieces were dealt with and the customer orders fulfilled within the promised timescales.

This enabled the client’s permanent team to continue the business of production, assembly and packaging, as usual, so that this one unusual and unexpected fault did not impact upon their regular productivity and output. Our client’s customers were happy that their orders were fulfilled in the professional and timely manner that they are accustomed to and our client’s reputation- as being reliable, efficient and delivering the products in perfect condition- justly maintained.


Whatever challenges faced; we pride ourselves on working to Impact’s core values on every single project for our clients. You can trust our team to work with integrity and respect, delivering innovative solutions in partnership with your company. We have the long-standing clients, many testimonials and case studies to prove it.

So, no matter what recruitment issues you are facing right now, speak to us- for information, advice, ideas or to add to your team. We enjoy a new challenge and would love the opportunity to help you to strengthen your business.