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Recruitment agencies are a waste of money – agree?

With employment at a 45-year low there are plenty of jobs to choose from, which is great news for employees but not so much for employers struggling to fill their vacancies. So, if you’re in agreement with the view that recruitment agencies are a waste of money maybe now is time to ask yourself if you can afford not to?

Daniel Sharpe, Branch Manager of Impact Recruitment in Wellingborough and Kerry Baillie, Branch Manager in Northampton, give a reality check on the most common criticisms:

Recruiters think they know our business better than us just to force a candidate on us:

Daniel says: It’s unfair to judge all recruiters on the poor performance of others. When you find the right recruiter for you, you’ll never look back. Here at Impact, we believe its people that make the difference, so whether we’re recruiting for our clients or ourselves we insist on cultural and personality fit.

Kerry says: We also do our utmost to learn and experience the businesses we recruit for, but we never lose sight of the fact that it’s a client’s business insight that powers every candidate search.


Recruitment is driven by technology which is available to everyone, not just ‘old school’ recruiters sat in an agency.

Kerry says: This is true in part – like most sectors, technology has taken recruitment to a whole new level BUT they can be costly to subscribe to and they require time and expertise to optimise for greatest effect. For example, imagine the time and techniques needed to search the UK’s 50 million users of LinkedIn and Facebook.  In my experience, it’s time that is in short supply for many businesses, so by appointing a trusted agency, managers can focus on what they do best – running their business.


They make it feel like a black art just to keep themselves in a job.

Daniel says: Clients shouldn’t confuse us with getting on doing our job as a lack of transparency. We welcome clients to stay as close or removed from our recruitment process as desired. Our mission is simple – to find the best candidate for a role. And ultimately, if businesses are not satisfied with the outcome, then they don’t pay.