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Pitch Perfect Salaries

Written by Paul Hooper, Director at Impact Recruitment


As we all continue driving forward against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty, it’s good to take the time to review matters that are closer to home – the employment market and our workforces.

Unemployment has not been lower since December 1974, recorded as 3.8% in April 2019, representing 1.3 million people out of work. And with Northamptonshire salaries being around 7.5% below the UK national average (according to The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports), many are finding it harder than ever to find quality candidates – unless you’re working with Impact Recruitment that is!

It’s no surprise that a key motivator for an employee is their pay, so if employers don’t set it at the right level they’re not going to attract or retain good workers. To help our clients competitively define their commercial role packages we conducted a local salary survey. The clients who have embraced this have seen an improvement in candidate quality and increased staff retention, ultimately resulting in a better output from their workforces.

The survey summary concluded that for the commercial roles reviewed, the average salary variance compared to the national UK average was actually 4.56% lower, rather than 7.5% lower as reported by the ONS. This is good news for local employers and employees – though still an indication that it may be more fruitful to seek work outside of Northamptonshire for higher reward. 

Employers may have to pay more than they intended, but if it’s the difference between filling a vacancy and maintaining productivity and service, it’s definitely worth the investment.


Download the Impact Salary Survey here and get in touch on to find out how Impact Recruitment can help you design competitive role packages that will win you the best quality candidates.