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National Living Wage Review April 2021

National Living Wage Review
National Living Wage Review

In the lead up to the National Living Wage increase on April 1st 2021 we conducted a survey to find out what local businesses plans are, focussing on Warehouse, Distribution, Manufacturing and Production settings.

Pay rate, along with environment and culture, is extremely important for not only attracting candidates, but retaining them. We've always found that if you can tick two out of these three, you stand a great chance of keeping on top of your staffing levels and attract candidates that can add value to your business. 

During peak last year, Impact Recruitment were regularly approached to consult on the local area and what was happening in the temporary candidate marketplace. You wouldn’t be alone if you said it was very tight for good people at the back end of the year, and this salary survey is a continuation of that consultative work. 

We’re very lucky to be supporting a great number of businesses across Northamptonshire and with that, we hold a lot of information. However, we also reached out to those that we don’t supply to, for assistance in completing a more comprehensive salary survey.

Coming together and supporting each other has never been more important, and the aim of this review is to benefit all involved as readers are able to see where they stack up against the rest of the local area in the lead up to the National Living Wage increase.

Submissions for the survey are now closed, and you can download a copy of the review here.