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Make a Living Making a Difference- Help Re-home the Homeless

“What have you done today to make you feel proud?”  

You won’t often find us quoting Heather Small, but please, hear us out! Does your job make you happy and fulfilled? Do you have the desire to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society, literally change their lives and fulfil their potential? We have a unique opportunity for you to do just that.  

Despite the government’s ‘Everyone in’ scheme, in which we witnessed a phenomenal combined government/charity effort, helping thousands of vulnerable people (who were sleeping rough or in overcrowded emergency accommodation), a walk through any town centre can demonstrate that homelessness remains a huge problem. The pandemic has created an economic fallout and an increase in mental health and domestic abuse issues, which have in turn caused a refilling of the doorways and tents that line many streets. Social distancing, self-isolating and the fear of transmission meant that the ‘hidden homeless’ were also exposed – no longer being able to stay on a friend’s sofa. A homelessness charity recently estimated that in excess of 322,000 private renters have fallen into arrears, which could put their homes at risk… the numbers of those vulnerable to homelessness is increasing. So, what can you do to change that 

We are working with a client who has successfully changed the lives of many vulnerable people by guiding them through the process of getting into supported or independent accommodation. Our client is on the verge of launching their Northampton team in November and needs Resettlement Coordinators to bring about the same positive change in Northampton that they have achieved elsewhere.  

Impact’s Commercial Resourcer Becky, is proud and excited to be working on this project, seeing it as a brilliant opportunity for people from a variety of backgrounds to think about their transferable skills. 

Naturally experience always helps, but this is a role that needs an excellent communicator, empathy, initiative and real passion, even more than the trainable skills, such as administration and IT literacy. People can find themselves needing help for any number of reasons and our client is looking for people who value those at risk and are passionate about empowering them to reach their full potential. 

                                                                                                         Becky Ellson, Recruitment Resourcer

The successful candidate would be supported to assess the needs of service users, assist them in creating personal outcome plans and liaise with appropriate agencies to help them see those plans through to realisation.  

This pandemic has thrown many lives into disarray, perhaps yours has been one of them, but we are not powerless. A lot of good can come from this time, if we allow it to. This has undeniably been, at best, an unusual year and one that has threatened the stability of many of our basic needs - our health, food supply, human connections, jobs, homes. It has been a year that has made many people re-evaluate what’s really important and one that has brought out the absolute best in some people. 

If you feel you have the skills to make a difference and the desire to give someone back their safety and stability by becoming a Resettlement Coordinator, please act nowThere are a number of vacancies and we have interview times already lined up for the right candidates.  

Please call Becky on 01604 239555 and shell be happy to give you more details, apply directly for the job here send your cv to or Contact us