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Upgrade Your Candidate Experience

We're excited to announce the launch of a new integrated registration function in our Candidate Portal!

What are we talking about?

Our Candidate Portal has been active on our website for 3 years already, allowing candidates to search and apply for jobs from the comfort of their home on their mobile, tablet or desktop. However, although we have always treasured in-person registrations, when COVID-19 forced us to go virtual we knew our registration process needed an upgrade.

Registration is an extremely important step in the candidate journey to getting a job with a recruitment agency; after application and initial interviews - the registration form includes the personal details, contracts, data protection, legality, references and more so that candidates are protected and looked after by the agency.

Lovingly crafted by our friends at Box Harry, the candidate focused upgrade has brought the entire registration process online. It has been optimised for candidates and staff to become more accessible, safer and quicker than before. Going online means the registration process is far more flexible - allowing candidates to fill out their registration form at home in their own time, instead of booking time off work, or travelling far, to visit us in person.

We value candidates so we are always looking for ways to improve the candidate experience and are dedicated to delivering an unrivalled service for them. Using innovative software developed specifically for recruitment agencies, the portal is user friendly, compatible with smartphones and tablets, responsive and reliable.

Our administration and recruitment teams worked side-by-side with real candidates for feedback, testing compatibility and performance. 

The security of personal information is of utmost importance to us, so is encrypted, protected and processed solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation.

And don't worry, we still intend to have face-to-face conversations with all our candidates. Through video interviewing we will still have the chance to get to know the real you, what your aspirations and career goals are and to deliver the personalised service we're known for.

To celebrate we're going to give the 100th candidate that uses our Candidate Portal to complete a registration a £100 Amazon Gift Card! To be eligible for registration you must be interested in looking for a new job and contact us by applying for a job or sending us your CV.

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