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Keeping Workplaces Safe

Some results of a poll of Northamptonshire businesses
June's poll saw increases in pre-prepared meals and one-way systems

A few weeks ago we released the results of a poll on over 30 Northamptonshire businesses. We asked about the health and safety measures they have introduced as they started bringing employees back into the workplace. 

After 5 weeks we have asked those businesses for updates and present some of the key findings here.


Although some companies seem to have stopped measures (such as pinning doors open), we have seen a big increase in the use of a one-way system.

Less perspex screens are being introduced than maybe one might expect, however almost all of the companies we polled are industrial businesses where their office staff are still working from home or are furloughed, whilst their warehouse staff are the ones returning. In these cases, if two-metre distancing can be maintained, and PPE worn, perspex screens may not be needed.

The increased use of door hooks is interesting as none of the respondents mentioned them when we asked them back at the beginning of May. 

For more insights and data stay tuned for next week's email as we'll be putting a more detailed comparison together in a short report. 

Have you implemented any of these changes? Are you doing something that we haven't mentioned? Just want to know a bit more?

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