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Finding a job is easy with the job seekers portal

Register to use our job seekers portal and you can quickly and easily search for jobs by sector, skill or location. Once you've found a position you're interested in just hit the apply button – there’s no lengthy application form needed here!

Making you the right candidate for the job

Your success is really important to us. Take a look at our top tips to help make sure you get the job.

Tip 1 - Tailor your CV

Whenever you apply for a role, take a few minutes to check your CV against the job description and highlight specific areas that are particularly relevant to the job, perhaps playing down those that are less so. Smartening up your CV is the best use of your time rather than making 10 generic applications that may not get noticed.

Tip 2 - Research

Before you apply (but especially before you interview), find out as much as you can about your prospective employer. Be sure to understand what it is that they do, their market, their competition, and things that are important or exciting about their business.

Tip 3 - Revisit your skills

Although you may not have the time to pursue additional training, taking additional work to boost specific skills can get you noticed by an employer. Valuable experience can be gained from volunteering for community, school or non-profit groups.

Tip 4 - Practice makes perfect

Before the interview think of the possible questions they could ask you and write down the answers. Practice with friends or family, get them to ask you questions and note down your answers. These can help trigger your memory and allow you to give a stronger interview performance.