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Impact Recruitment Consultants Labour Market Q&A

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Recruitment Consultants discussing the current labour market in the UK

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) have reported that the number of job vacancies in Q4 of 2021 stayed a record breaking 109% higher than the year before. Understandably there are concerns across all industries about the number of unfilled positions so we sat down with our Recruitment Consultants and they gave us answers to some of the key questions they are being asked.

Between them, Nigel, Vicky, Nelly, Calum and Josh have over 80 years combined experience of recruiting and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise.


What are you doing to address the perceived candidate shortage for your clients in industrial and commercial sectors?

Nigel says; recruitment agencies like us have access to tools and software our clients don't, which means we don't have rely on response to job adverts only. We actively skill search our network of candidates and reach out to them about opportunities. This is proving to be very effective in this labour climate.

Calum says; honesty is really important to us and our clients. We're being direct with our clients about their candidate wish-lists and helping them balance what is wanted and what is feasible. Communication is also key, we're facilitating conversations between clients and candidates using technology and different tactics to overcome obstacles and traditional time-consuming milestones.

Josh says; it's not just about getting new candidates, we help our clients improve their retention by educating them on workers needs and wants - it saves money to keep workers happy than keep hiring replacements.


What should employers implement to improve staff retention?

Nelly says; employers need to know that the key to job satisfaction is pay, environment and culture. Historically you could just be the best payer but now you really need to be thinking about the whole worker experience. You can keep workers happy and satisfied by paying well, treating them properly and investing in a healthy workplace culture.

Vicky says; the pandemic has only amplified people's desires to feel valued at work and if you're an employer dealing with low retention, don't just increase salaries, find out the actual reasons and address them. Listen to your recruitment partner who shouldn't be afraid to point out weak areas and suggest solutions.


What is your advice for employers who are concerned about the best payrate to remain competitive and attract the numbers they need?

Calum says; conduct regular pay reviews, listen to the marketplace, introduce shift premiums and performance incentives. These methods are more effective than simply increasing pay rates when a problem needs to be addressed.

Josh says; when you keep up to date with the costs of living and pay accordingly you make those conversations part of the norm. That tells your workforce that you care about whether they can pay their bills and they can rely on you to stay up to date as the economy changes. That reduces anxiety and makes you more attractive as an employer.


Do you think more companies should be accommodating part time and school hours to reach more candidates?

Nigel says; some of our clients already do this and it's a very effective way of accessing a different pool of labour and keeping staffing levels consistent. There are definitely candidates who want shorter hours but the flexibility on behalf of employers is needed.

Vicky says; sticking to the traditional 8-hour structure works for some companies but others need to think outside the box - if there is demand for part-time hours and candidates willing to work them then companies need to include that in their strategies.

Nelly says; being accommodating and flexible really is the way forward. Condensing the working week down to 4 days or introducing shorter shifts, opens the floor to a more diverse workforce. Many employers understandably fear that changes like that can negatively affect productivity or current staff wellbeing, but we're here to help with those transitions and provide support and solutions that work for everyone.


You don’t need to be a client of ours to ask us questions, you can email any of us at any time for a chat about staffing solutions.


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