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Are You Communicating Strategically?

Are You Communicating Strategically?
Are You Communicating Strategically?

The tools you use to communicate are critical; they are a part of our everyday lives and greatly influence how we feel, behave, and think. Therefore, a strong communication channel strategy is essential, to ensure that you communicate and connect with candidates to become a talent acquisition specialist.


It's good to use job boards to post and promote your vacant positions at your firm. Job boards make up a majority of hiring staffs communication channel strategies, but have you ever thought of who uses and browses those job boards? And is the candidate you are looking for on that job board?


A shoe company wouldn't advertise to a customer looking for fast food and a tech company recruiting software developers wouldn't advertise their vacant roles to HR Administrators. They are not the right audience. Neither the company advertising will get what they want to achieve, nor will the wrongly targeted customers.


Job boards act as a great option when posting jobs; however, due to the nature of the job boards, you are purely relying on the searcher entering the correct search result to find your role. You'll then have to compete against fellow competitors recruiting for the same position.


Many job boards act as a great communication channel between your company and candidates; however, are there better communication channel options for companies to communicate with target candidates? Below are some alternative options for mainstream job boards.


Educational Centres


A great option is promoting in a place your candidates will be exposed to your role. Take forklift certification course centre; they would be an ideal location for flyers for vacant forklift roles. Creating a perfect print component to your communication channel strategy. Search local training centres near your business to target a local industry-specific audience. Other options are vocational colleges and business schools.


Industry-Specific Webpages


For more commercial employers, the better option is to look at an industry-specific job board. The CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) has a job board shared on their website with plenty of visits from professional marketers, ideal for a marketing agency to advertise positions on exposing their vacant role to the correct candidates.


Employee Referral


Employees likely have previous connections in the industry from previous workplaces, education or training courses; utilise these experiences and industry connections to help link yourself to talent.

Utilising employee referral is another excellent option to recruit like-minded employee's that already fit the mould of your company; they may also have the skills, team chemistry and recommendation from a current member of the team to fill the role.


Recruitment Agency


Okay, we’re a bit bias with this option, but if you haven't got the time or expertise to hire for a position; another alternative to a job board is a recruitment agency. An asset to a communication channel strategy; use an agency to bridge the gap between you and your candidates and allow the agency to use their knowledge and expertise to communicate with the right candidate.


It will save you money and increases your productivity as it will allow you to focus on other tasks. It'll also keep hiring costs down and ensure the right candidate is found that has the right skill and qualifications.


Social Media


Social Media is a great communication channel and an excellent foundational block to add to your communication strategy.


However, utilising it correctly to yield the best results possible results is essential. To execute this correctly, think of who uses those platforms and who follows your media accounts; Instagram, for example, is excellent for "25-34-year-olds", appealing to your young professionals and those starting their careers. If you were more focused on the level of education, LinkedIn would be more helpful, with over 50% have gone to college.


Social media accounts have their place to attract the right candidate but thought and planning does need to go into an effective strategy.


There are plenty of options to add to your communication channel strategy to deliver the news of your vacant role to your ideal candidate. It's all about ensuring though these methods provide the best opportunity to do so and allow you to explore other ideas for gaining and filling vacant roles within your company.

About the author

Kier Sheehan

Kier loves an adventure, whether that’s through trying new and exotic food or cooking up a social media strategy. With a love of communications and a positive approach to any task, when he’s not working Kier can be found teaching skiing or travelling the world.