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5 Ways To Profile A Candidate

Profiling A Candidate
The top ways to profile a candidate

The 5 ways to profile the right candidate:

  1. Ask Where They Want To Work?
  2. Ask The Type Of Work
  3. Discuss Pay Rate
  4. Highlight The Additional Benefits
  5. Get To Know Their Personality

Temp agencies often follow the approach of ‘source-and-throw’, leaving many candidates and clients dissatisfied with the talent acquisition process they have experienced. The poor match is simply because candidate profiles haven't been considered to match the suitable candidates to the correct role, ultimately creating an unhappy candidate situation.

There is always the right candidate for the job application provided and stated by the client; so applicants shouldn't be pigeonholed to a role they are not suitable for.


1) Ask Where They Want To Work?

Unless they have specifically applied for a role for its location, ask where they'd like to work, ask whether the temp can commit to the travel commitments and how they plan to travel.

Sometimes other areas of value like salary can persuade candidates about the realistic ability to commit to the travel arrangements of the role. Asking this makes them aware of this and reduces the chances of candidates overestimating whether or not they can make the travel commitments required by the client.


2) Ask The Type Of Work

This is very important as staffing temps usually work in repetitive roles, creating fast dissatisfaction if the wrong candidate is working in the wrong role. Temp's will have a preference. Listening and ensuring that they are placed in the correct position, will result in their longevity in the role improving staff retention and lowering clients cost of recruiting.

Clients want solutions, not more problems when meeting commercial peaks or supply line demands. We aim to provide that as a recruitment agency that delivers temps for industrial and commercial placements. Profiling our candidates allows us to do that well, resulting in new clients choosing us over our competitors.


3) Discuss Pay Rate

This is a hard question to ask as anyone will say that they want the best money available and this is something that needs to be identified. Salary for temps is a high-value point; it is high on the temps' agenda; candidates are not bothered about pizza Fridays or the ping pong table in the canteen as they place a high dependency on the income coming from the role.

Temp role workers are in and out of work on an irregular basis, creating an irregular cash flow, meaning when they need work, they'll take the best available option and often leave for the same reason. A way to overcome this problem is to discuss the pay rate with the candidates as they'll promptly tell you whether that's something they can work with and live on meeting their financial commitments. People find talking about money hard though, in some ways, it is still a taboo subject socially. Counteract this by letting the temp know you aren’t judgemental and that they are in a safe environment to talk about what they really need.


4) Highlight The Additional Benefits

These are far from what a candidate holds important or values the most below suitability of work, pay and hours. However, these additional benefits can sweeten the deal and maybe even make the role stand out from similar other equal opportunities but shouldn't be relied on to attract top talent and reliable candidates.

It's essential that when you’re profile matching you take these benefits you'd like to implement into the company to match the appeal of your candidates you'll be receiving applications from. It's tricky as everyone is individual; however, it's essential to have those represented physically at the company to attract similar-minded desirable people your company is looking for.

5) Personality


Speaking to candidates on a human level and not as an employer can allow the candidate to relax and open showcasing talents and attitudes which may not be openly visible in formal interviews. The skills and attitudes are more valuable than their CV's or work history as attitude reflected in company values by temps and job seekers could prove to be a more significant asset in completing work speedily, increased capacity handling and retention.


These five ways of profiling a candidate are significant to any company. Hiring temps or permanent staff can make all the difference by understanding the value of the right profile, by knowing this you will be able to tell whether the current staffing agency you use is right for you and if they understand who you are as an employer and what you require from them in terms of the type of staff.

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