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12 Short-Term and Long-Term Reasons To Use Recruitment Agencies

12 reasons recruitment agencies are used for both instant and long-term relief
12 reasons recruitment agencies are used for both instant and long-term relief

Recruitment agencies are an essential resource and can have a positive impact on your business, even at short notice. Staffing agencies are used for both instant and long-term relief. Usually, sudden needs for large or small scale recruiting is often initiated by unexpected situations forced upon companies e.g. abrupt staff shortages or staff retention issues. Increasing recruitment speed, improving costs of recruitment and new business demands are also all significant reasons to use an agency. Let’s look into the benefits in a bit more detail and draw from our experiences over the last 19 years of recruiting as Impact Recruitment.


Short Term Reasons To Use Recruitment Agency

  1. Improved hiring speed
  2. Reduced trial and error of candidates
  3. Increase time for tasks
  4. Meeting logistical demands
  5. Reduced job boards costs
  6. Avoiding recruitment mistakes


Long Term Reasons To Use Recruitment Agency

  1. Sector recruitment foresight
  2. Employee retention and consultation
  3. Salary positioning
  4. Streamlining of the hiring process
  5. Supported growth rate
  6. Directory of specialist recruitment solutions


Example Of How To Improve Staff Retention


A Northampton warehouse and logistics client (FTSE 250 company) that receive warehouse operatives, forklift drivers and trainers had a peak in business.


More staff were required onsite who required training and signing off internally on MHE. Despite temporarily giving alternative manual duties to some staff to help utilise the bottleneck of waiting for sign-off, there was a retention concern, as candidates were delayed their preferred job role.


Increasing retention with recruitment: Impact took on a trainer, who provided all the necessary training, testing and assessing onsite to efficiently onboard our candidates. In between training the new temporary staff, our trainer carried out refresher training with the permanent team.


Due to the speed increase for onboarding, Impact could continue quickly filling the vacancies needed to deal with the client's peak trading period and improve retention. Impact's trainer soon became a permanent member of our client's team, and they achieved their most successful peak to date.


Example Of How To Save Money Recruiting


Our long-term client is a national distributor centre for a multi-national healthcare company in Northampton where we provide warehouse operatives, customer service advisors, forklift drivers, quality control staff and supervisors.


Our client required a large number of temps onsite. This staffing increased HR/training requirements, general inquiries, questions about pay and benefits, etc. Our client naturally didn't want the cost of the increased workload of dealing with Financial or HR-related queries (which can occur as a result of the extra headcount) during peak trading.


Saving money with recruitment: Impact set up a weekly clinic for our temporary staff on our client's site. In addition to the regular contact from their dedicated Account Manager through check-ins onsite and telephone calls, it gave a more formal opportunity for temporary staff to 'check-in' on a personal level, ask questions and resolve any queries. Allowing the client to continue to save money through productivity.


Example Of How To Save Time Recruiting


Impact supplied supervisors, warehouse operatives, quality control operatives, forklift drivers, trainers and a dedicated in-branch account manager, which later developed into supplying an onsite team. This team currently work alongside our client's management team in the warehouse and logistics sector in Northampton.


Because of an unexpected fault with a product, the client was faced with a dilemma of an 8-week replacement lead time to get stock into the country to fulfil their orders which would add huge resources and time costs. Their other option was to organise for 60,000 units to be recalled, unwrapped, quality checked, sorted and re-wrapped, ready for the prompt despatch to customers in perfect condition, with a two-week time frame.


Saving time with recruitment, Impact generated 50 extra temps with only a weekend’s notice, including supervisors, to oversee the quality/recall project. A swift recruiting campaign, alongside a search of our established and ready-interviewed candidate pool, ensured the project was successful and within two weeks; the temps processed all 60,000 pieces. The client saved time by recruiting temps to meet unpredictable demands.


These are examples of the short-term and long-term reasons to use a recruitment agency. The case studies reflect actual recruitment solutions that Impact Recruitment Services have provided to businesses in Northampton and surrounding areas.


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