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Spotlight on... Natasha

What do you do at Impact and what does a typical workday look like for you? 

I am the Senior administrator based in the Northampton Office but I cover the payroll, finance and banking for the whole company. 

What did you do before coming to Impact? 

Before Impact I worked in recruitment as a resourcer. I also did temporary work through Impact’s commercial department for a while before being offered a role in-house. I knew some of the team by then, so knew it would be a great place to work- so much so that Ive recommended it to friends who’ve now also joined Impact! 

What motivates you at work?   

I am really motivated by the managers and the team- I love my manager and team!* My role supports all aspects of the company and so the desire to do a good job for them all motivates me everyday 

*The team would certainly confirm that the feeling is mutual. 

Does anyone or anything particularly inspire you outside of work?  

Yes! -David Attenborough. He is so wise, passionate and caring. He cares about the world and its problems and I think, if everyone was a little bit more like David Attenborough the world would be a much better place!  

*Natasha is a big animal lover too and arguably as caring as Attenborough! 

How has recruitment changed in the last year and what new challenges has that presented? 

During lockdown, despite working from home, it was business as usual. We were lucky to have so many people still working throughout this whole time that, actually in terms of payroll, it has been busier than ever. Initially, when we were waiting for the government to roll out their plans, it was a worrying time for everyone, particularly temporary employees. We’ve all had to adapt and try to make the best of the situation. I’ve had to learn about the Furlough scheme and the changes to processing sick pay etc. as well as adapt to not being around the buzz of the team when we were all working from home.  

What has been the highlight of working at Impact for you? 

There have been lots of highlights. I feel proud to work for Impact and love it when we get the chance to go out and celebrate our achievements as a team! I will admit though, that Im particularly proud of the time I managed to scare our director Paul! Anyone who knows Paul will know that he’s usually the one to prank people in the office*, but he’s really difficult to ‘get back’. I managed to leap out at him when he came back into his office after lunch and he jumped so much that he fell over his shoes and into the window blindsHe looked so scared- a definite highlight! It was so simple and yet so funny! No-one gets special treatment in Impact. We’re all on a level, so anyone is fair game. 

*Impact team, past and present, can confirm he’s done some fairly elaborate pranks over the years 

What qualities are needed to succeed in the recruitment industry? 

I think you need attention to detail and the desire to keep everyone happy. My job impacts on the clients, candidates and the team. If people aren’t paid properly it affects everyone, so, while we do have a lot of fun in the office, I take what I do very seriously. 

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Outside of work I love live music. This year has been tough for many reasons but I particularly missed all the festivals and gigs this summerFingers crossed for next summer. 

How do you take your tea/coffee? 

I like a milky coffee, with a sugar. 

About the author

Angela Hooper

Angela has been part of the Impact family, supporting the team behind the scenes, since day one. As a primary school educator and recruiter, Angela has built up brilliant skills in conflict management, strategic thinking and diplomacy – though we’re not sure if that’s because of the recruitment or primary school environments! In between jobs and studying, Angela enjoys being active, travelling and spending time with her family.