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Spotlight on... Gary

What do you do at Impact and what does a typical workday look like for you?

As Onsite Manager at Impact`s biggest client, I manage 2 staff to assist me covering all the sites and shifts. So, I arrive on-site for 05.30am every morning, liaise with our Client’s senior Managers on daily basis, supplying their requirements of 100-250 staff per day over 4 sites. I hold weekly site inductions to get a pool of available and suitable staff ready to start at a moment's notice, as the client’s business is very reactive you have to be one step ahead.

What did you do before coming to Impact?

I had just returned from travelling and was looking for a new challenge, I just called into Impact looking for some temporary warehouse work and ended up being offered a role as account Manager looking after several clients.

What motivates you at work? What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I thrive on ensuring the Client gets what they ask for. Being regarded as a member of the client’s Management team, rather than an external supplier, makes me very proud of my work.

Does anyone or anything particularly inspire you outside of work?

Lionel Messi inspires me. He is the complete footballer and is not big headed about it- he is a real team player (unlike Ronaldo- it’s all about him!).

How has recruitment changed in the last year and what new challenges has this presented?

Big changes such as the lower number of Eastern Europeans migrating to the UK, because of uncertainty over Brexit, has affected the available pool of staff. Fewer candidates on the market for us to choose from naturally makes it more challenging to recruit. This has had an effect on the rates of pay, which have had to increase to attract the few staff available, making it tougher all round. Also, the Covid19 Pandemic has changed the whole Recruitment process, requiring more online systems and less face-to-face contact which, while I feel this maybe the way forward, means we need to take even more time to build a rapport with the candidates, ensuring we don’t lack the personal touch.

What has been the highlight of working at Impact for you?

Being voted employee of the year was a real highlight and achieving what I set out to do; being an On-site Manager.

What qualities are needed to succeed in the recruitment industry?

You really must listen to and understand the client's needs, build great relationships with the clients and candidates and have a desire to get the best possible outcome for everyone. Onsite recruiters form strong partnerships and need to work to the values of both companies. You need to be honest with the client- don't make promises you can't deliver. The recruitment industry requires team players and flexibility (everyday is different) and it needs buy-in from the whole team to succeed.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I like to listen to music, do online research to plan family holidays/weekend trips and watch football (particularly Glasgow Rangers) on tv, or travel up to Glasgow when I get the rare chance to go to a game.

How do you take your tea/coffee? 

I like my coffee Very strong (2 spoons of Coffee), black, no sugar. 

About the author

Angela Hooper

Angela has been part of the Impact family, supporting the team behind the scenes, since day one. As a primary school educator and recruiter, Angela has built up brilliant skills in conflict management, strategic thinking and diplomacy – though we’re not sure if that’s because of the recruitment or primary school environments! In between jobs and studying, Angela enjoys being active, travelling and spending time with her family.