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The Resourcer’s Reflections

Josh sitting in a red and black chair
Josh takes a well earned break in San Siro, AC Milan's stadium changing room

Joining a new company is always daunting, with pressure to make an immediate good impression within the team and management. Impact Recruitment helped with this process by implementing a unique but successful induction process, by which all new starters must interview each team member within the company. This process involved getting to know each employee from both a business and social aspect, allowing us to “break the ice” with each person in the office. This was thoroughly enjoyable as everyone soon became a familiar face and the initial anticipation of getting to know people was made a lot easier.  


The induction also followed a thorough training program where we had the chance to learn theory, within a class based environment, to give us the knowledge before we were met with the daunting task of recruitment. These classroom lessons turned the daunting thoughts into exciting prospects and allowed us to quickly pick up new skills and techniques as soon as we hit the office desks. The theory was followed by practical implementation and having a friendly office allowed the whole team and all mentors to assist with learning quickly.  


My first three months at Impact Recruitment have honestly felt like three weeks, and every month has been as enjoyable as the first. With a fast paced social environment the team comes together as a cohort to work towards company goals and bring success to the name Impact. With personal, team and company targets the ambition to be successful really drives you to work hard and allows you to thrive in an exciting industry. 


The final week of my three-month probation period has been a daunting one, with the uncertainty of what the industry of recruitment will hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Impact being a team-driven and family-like business allowed us all to adapt quickly, supporting each other's networks and helping one another. Working from home is something I never thought I would be able to do, constant distractions, the fridge being in the room next door has been the biggest temptation. But with the constant communication and support of peers through social networking, emails and video calls we have all remained focused and busy to keep Impact Recruitment running as successful as it has ever been.  


Now I have entered the world of recruitment my plans for the future are to keep learning from the team around me so I can get better at what I do and become a sales recruitment consultant in the future. 

About the author

Josh Hacker

A former Mixologist, Josh brings the perfect cocktail of ‘The Resourcer’ to Impact. Mix 50ml of personal motivation and drive, 50ml of team player, 50ml of communication and a dash of ambition then pour over ice into a long glass garnished with a sprig of fresh work ethic. Cheers!