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Spotlight on... Matthew

Matthew: Talented on or off the pitch, whether 'home or away'.

What do you do at Impact?  

I am a Sales Consultant with my primary responsibility being to generate new business opportunities. We work to deliver collaborative recruitment solutions to our client base across Industrial and Engineering sectors.  

What did you do before you came to Impact?  

After University I managed to secure a number of roles in professional football. I realised this wasn’t something I wanted to do in the long term, returned to Northampton and started working at Nationwide Building Society, which gave me my first taste of sales and service.  

What do you like most about working at Impact?  

The culture and the people. I was really fortunate that, joining Impact, I found myself surrounded by good people with similar interests and work ethic.  

I’m also very proud of the unrivalled service we deliver and believe whole heartedly in what we do.  

What are the biggest challenges companies in your area are now facing?  

We are in a unique time currently and the reaction of the marketplace is in its infancy. The true long-term effects on the economy are yet to be seen.  

It’s clear that most businesses have been affected in one way or more. There have been some businesses that have found the last 12 weeks particularly fruitful, I think ECommerce will prove to be a sector which benefits tremendously from recent events.  

Businesses are using this time to critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their business, which, combined with reduced revenue, has seen many looking to trim the excess’ off their operation.  

What are the biggest challenges candidates face currently? 

The biggest challenge candidates face is the uncertainty of potential employers.  

The barriers to employment have increased due to varied financial and moral obligations of the hirer. Revenue will likely to be down for most companies and, with 85% of firms utilising the Furlough scheme, they cannot bring new people whilst not having enough work for their current staff.  

There will be lots of movers and shakers revealed over the next 6 months and I think this will create lots of opportunities in specialist and sector specific roles for innovative, driven candidates

What has been the highlight of your time at Impact so far? 

Reaching £1 million in sales. This was a big milestone I’d worked hard to achieve.   

What do you like to do outside of work?   

Cooking and travelling. The latter has proved challenging this year, but it’s given me some more time to research future destinations. 

Tea or coffee?  


(And if you know Matthew, you know that is enough said!)

About the author

Angela Hooper

Angela has been part of the Impact family, supporting the team behind the scenes, since day one. As a primary school educator and recruiter, Angela has built up brilliant skills in conflict management, strategic thinking and diplomacy – though we’re not sure if that’s because of the recruitment or primary school environments! In between jobs and studying, Angela enjoys being active, travelling and spending time with her family.