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Spotlight on... Lewis

What do you do at Impact?  

I work as an Industrial Account Manager in our Wellingborough Branch. I am responsible for recruiting industrial temporary staff and managing clients based in the Finedon Road industrial estate.  

What did you do before you came to Impact?  

Prior to joining Impact, I worked as a National Planner for a Home Appliance company called B/S/H 

What do you like most about working at Impact?  

For me it’s definitely the people I work with. You spend a lot of your time with work colleagues so I’m fortunate to work with a great bunch of people! 

What are the biggest challenges companies in your area are facing now?  

I believe one of the biggest challenges facing local companies in recent months is financial security. With the Government furlough scheme being amended and with its closure all together at the end of October. Companies who have naturally taken a significant economic hit during the pandemic are now working towards becoming self-reliant on paying their staffs wages. Inevitably there is a vast amount of pressure now for companies to generate business growth in order to cover such overheads in the very near future. 

What are the biggest challenges candidates face at the moment?  

I believe that one of the biggest challenges currently facing candidates is the vast level of competition. With there being a significant volume of redundancies in recent months there are naturally more people looking for work. This means that an individual would need to stand out amongst the crowd even more so to increase their chances of being hired. 

What has been the highlight of your time at Impact so far?  

My highlight of being at Impact has been developing and building a relationship with my clients, temporary staff and work colleagues. I have also been given a great insight into local companies and met some very interesting people! 

What do you like to do outside of work?  

Outside of work I like to keep fit by exercising and going to the gym, spending time with family and friends. I also like going on country walks. 

Tea or coffee?  

Coffee one sugar with milk. 

About the author

Angela Hooper

Angela has been part of the Impact family, supporting the team behind the scenes, since day one. As a primary school educator and recruiter, Angela has built up brilliant skills in conflict management, strategic thinking and diplomacy – though we’re not sure if that’s because of the recruitment or primary school environments! In between jobs and studying, Angela enjoys being active, travelling and spending time with her family.