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Wish I Was There

Woman skiing downhill
Wish I was there! Not a photo of me as I didn't get to go skiing...

So, my experience with traveling and self-isolating didn’t exactly start off the best if I’m honest as I was due to go a Skiing holiday to Kaprun in Austria on March 21st for a week.

This would have been my first week off in 3 years. Also, I hadn’t been skiing since 2017 so I was exceptionally excited. Certainly it was one of the main things I was talking about in the office to the team, alongside my dogs, of course.

So, this Christmas I chose to work most of it and didn’t have any extra time off for my birthday this year which was the 28th February; I just had my allocated half day off and that was it. Usually I choose to book more time off and try and celebrate over an extra-long weekend. I chose not to do this this year as I knew I was going away in the last week of March.  The week after my birthday it was very hard not to miss what was going on in the news with Coronavirus as it was all over social media and tv. I also was hearing first-hand from both of my sisters what was going on within the local hospital, as they were explaining some of the things they were having to adapt to and learn as it was becoming so serious.

This certainly started to concern me knowing I was going to be flying in a matter of two weeks from Gatwick, one of the biggest airports where there would be hundreds of people flying in and out of the UK and not knowing where they had been or if they had COVID-19. This worried me but I knew both my aunties they would be very precautious as they are very caring and careful people.

Then on March 9th my auntie called me after work to see how I was and in the back of my head I knew what the call was about. Unfortunately, due to the circumstance we could not go away skiing. It was far to risky as my Auntie Nance is classed as vulnerable. She was so upbeat and offered to find my cousin Alex and I another break away somewhere so we still had our time off and would sort it all out for us. We made the decision if we all couldn’t enjoy going away and skiing then we would rather both miss out too. We all were as excited as each other and couldn’t go without it being all four of us. We then looked at getting a little cottage in the UK to go to but due the owner decorating it, we were unable to book it.

Within a week the Coronavirus situation had become so much worse that multiple flights daily were being cancelled and the number of cases was rising.

Whilst still going into work as normal we had to put some measures in place to ensure none of us in the office were at risk of catching it, so we then had to stop people walking into the office and had to be very thorough questioning people about their most recent travel and what plans they had to travel. All our temps also received a travel from so we knew where they had travelled and to ensured our clients didn’t have to worry.

By the 23rd March Boris Johnson announced that you aren’t to leave your home or travel unless essential. If work can be done from home, then it should be, to minus unneeded travel. This then meant the next day all of us at Impact started our mornings very different as we all started working from home and self-isolating. Every morning now at 8:30am we have our teams meeting via video call and then crack on our usual day-to-day jobs from home. We each have our own weekly schedules to work to which is great to keep within a routine. The biggest challenge I have faced with working from home is not being able to see everyone and miss our general day-to-day chit chat as we aren’t able to have that. I would be lying if I said I’m not missing everyone. I know what we are doing is for the best and it good to know we are all safe and at home but I can’t wait to give them all a hug when we are back to normal, whenever that maybe. . . .

Hopefully come 2021 my aunties and cousin and I have already got a skiing holiday planned in. I hope also to have had a nice hot holiday too by the end of 2020. Think I’ll need it.

Keep safe everyone,

Sophie Sharman

About the author

Sophie Sharman

Bringing first-hand experience of working in the industrial sector, Sophie has a passion for organisation and tackling challenges with a competitive and creative streak as she also enjoys clay shooting and crafting. Outside of work, Sophie spends time with her twin sister, friends and 5 dogs.