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Where is my home?

Lucy's journey on Google Maps
Lucy's journey on Google Maps

Where is my home?

I am a Polish woman (can’t call myself “a girl” anymore!) living and working in UK. After getting my university degree in Poland I have emigrated to UK in around 2007. I am a very much family orientated so I can openly say that the first few years were very difficult for me in that sense. What kept me going? I always knew it was my choice to leave Poland and I wanted to become a very independent. As you can imagine, some days I really regret that decision as it would be easier to stay close to my family and have much more of a support system.

I have recently gone on holiday to Poland and every time when someone asked for the destination of my holiday I was simply responding “I am going home”. This is how I feel about Poland as I have most of my close family living back there, I was born and grew up back there.

After a few days of my holiday we were told that the president of Poland is closing all boarders due to the current situation with the coronavirus. Nothing is flying from/to Poland and everyone had less than 10 hours to leave the county. This was announced in the evening, so I found out early morning. It was too late, and this is where the all panic started. Booking tickets, calling embassy, looking for the way out, and in my words… looking to get back “home”.

Around 24 hours later, after a lot of emotions and being scared I have managed to find a bus ticket. Last available bus ticket from Poland to UK! 6 countries and 32 hours of journey but, in my head: “I can do this! I just want to be home”. I have been saying that a lot and seeing very sad faces of my Mum and Dad. They kept asking me to “stay home”, back in Poland.

I don’t want to go into much detail about the situation with coronavirus, statistics in Poland and UK. This wasn’t considered at this time. All I could think of is to be “home” - back in UK.

I am back in UK now for almost a week and I am feeling at home. I can’t stop thinking about my parents and all family, especially now with everything that is going on in the word. I found myself questioning and asking where do I call “home”? Can I call Poland and UK my “home”?

I have been looking at all logistics and formalities, but this is more about the meaning of “home”.

After this experience I will be calling both, England and Poland my “home”.

Why? I can tell you… it feels as much good/bad to be in/away from both!

Some of you might think that I am greedy… but this is how I feel about both countries.

Some of you will be confused where I am or where I am going but I promise to be more specific.

Lots of Love and Stay Safe Everyone! 

About the author

Lucy Krawczyk

Lucy takes the time to get to know every client and candidate she works with, which she does with great efficiency and professionalism. Full of energy and zest for life, outside of work Lucy has a passion for fashion, music, and going to the cinema.