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World Turtle Day

Did you know that turtles have a one-in-five chance of dying if they eat just one piece of plastic?

Did you know that only 1 turtle out of 1000 makes it to adulthood and reproduces?

These are the sad statistics we are facing today due to the amount of plastic pollution across the world’s oceans.

Save the Turtles is a movement that is very close to my heart having spent some time in 2017 working alongside the Gili Trawangan Turtle Conservation in Indonesia. Gili Trawangan is a tiny island just 15km off the coast of Lombok, known for its coral reefs and marine life. It’s populated with only 4000 people and these 4000 people understand and see on a daily basis the devastating effects of pollution in our world’s oceans. The Gili Islands are marked as an important area for marine turtle conservation. The organisation ensures that turtles can nest and hatch safely and the staff and volunteers provide the best start for the turtles.


This small independent charity sadly has to exist because of the world’s pollution problem, it was last recorded that each year 12.7 million tons of plastic goes into the world’s oceans – this is the same as one rubbish truck per minute. Whilst large organisations such as Greenpeace are campaigning to clean up our world’s oceans, and laws are trying to be passed throughout the world’s countries, have you ever stopped to think about what you could do as a small business to help with plastic pollution?


Here are 7 ways to reduce plastic pollution in the workplace:

  • Discuss plastic pollution - talk to your colleagues and make it part of everyday conversation. Just bringing it up more can make people think twice about their plastic use
  • Organise a beach or roadside clean with your team
  • Provide paper cups or recyclable cups for office drinking water
  • Have reusables in canteens or kitchens
  • Encourage ecological habits within the team such as non-plastic food containers, or reusable bags 
  • Request that suppliers use less plastics
  • Share your successes and inspire others!


We at Impact still have a way to go to be fully 'green' in regards to plastics, but we are trying to take steps to do our little bit to lessen our plastic footprint!

About the author

Kerry Court

Kerry brings drive, desire and determination to everything she does at Impact. An amazing role model, colleague and consultant, she’s always on hand to help. So much commitment to work deserves a break now and again, and Kerry loves travelling, socialising and going to the gym.