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A Different Way to Job Hunt

A friend of mine has been seeing a life-coach after a long unemployment whilst caring for her terminally ill mum and recently we were talking about how the life-coach helped her approach job searching in a different way and that she was very happy in the job she’d found. The reason it was interesting is that her new job wasn’t something she had done before, or for a particularly interesting company. It wasn’t near her house either, but it was good pay, and it ticked some unusual boxes for her.

When she was struggling to find employment, the life-coach asked her to list everything she wanted in a job - starting with the most important, to help focus her search. Before this, my friend was job searching in the normal way - putting in a specific salary and particular locations, thinking that these are the most important factors.

However, the life-coach encouraged her to list what was actually most important to her in a new job and it was:

  • Management that look after the staff
  • Diversity in the staff
  • Well-established roots in the industry

Once she started looking at the values companies have instead, she also changed her CV to reflect her own values and personality more. For example; instead of leaving the gaps in her work history as blank, she wrote what she was doing – caring for her mum and also dealing with breast cancer herself. She injected personality into her CV and included her hobbies, values and passions – things that we are often told not to put in a CV. She listed what she liked most about each job she worked in, as well as her responsibilities, and also included a summary of the values the company matched with her. 

It worked though - her CV was snapped up by companies who also hold good values high and were interested in her personality and outlook on life and now, it’s nice to see how happy she is in a company she would never have looked at before.

This approach isn’t guaranteed to work but if you are starting to lose hope in your job search and want to try something different then this way might be worth trying.

About the author

Rebekah Frost

A champion problem solver; whether it’s a board game or a tricky computer conundrum, Bekah's attention to detail is second to none. Her interesting and varied work experience across different sectors means she always has a story to tell, a love of people and a way to fix any issue.