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Swallow That Frog

Time keeping and prioritising. That’s all something we all say we are good at, but the truth is that sometimes things get in the way.

That’s fine and things can just be that way, but I will never forget the best piece of advice I received from my first ever boss regarding priorities. And I’d like to share this with you today.

He said to me, imagine you walk in at the beginning of your shift and you see a tiny 1cm frog on your desk. Imagine that your one task of the day was to swallow that frog. But there is a catch. If you ignore it and start doing other tasks, that frog will grow in size every minute. This means that frog is going to get harder and harder to swallow as the day goes by, when you could have just swallowed it straight away when you got in.

As much as it’s a strange analogy, it’s one I’ve always stood by. I’m trying to get better at my timekeeping even to this day, but by just remembering what he said to me reminds me... swallow that frog as quick as you can!

About the author

Robert Hardy

Rob's passion for creativity and enthusiasm for interacting with people inside and outside of work, makes him a valuable asset to the Impact team. He uses these skills to develop resourceful solutions; ensuring clients and candidates get the results they need. In his spare time you can find Rob performing gigs in a punk music band.