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School Leavers... what's next?

So, you’ve finished school for good, all exams and assignments are finished. What do you do next? It’s a big question with so many different answers.

There are many options out there that depend on your preferences. If you think you know what career you wish to pursue then a specialised university course might be best for you? If you feel you have had a tough few years at school and want a break, a gap year or travelling might be an option for you. However, for many people the best option is to go into work. That is where the recruitment agencies can help and offer guidance whatever your previous experience.

Having only left school 5 months ago I was in the same dilemma of not knowing what to do next. University has always been an option for me, but I felt that I wanted to gain real work experience before I went. I am lucky enough to be going travelling next spring, and in the time leading up to my departure Impact Recruitment have been able to offer me a temporary position in their offices, which has enabled me to gain so much experience in a field I never thought I would pursue. During my time here at Impact I have developed inter-personal skills as well as professional skills. All of these are important aspects that I can now add to my CV ahead of University and further employment. I’ve also learnt a lot about how recruitment agencies work, and how they can help school/college or university leavers like myself.

One of the most important things to think about if you decide to go straight into employment after school is having a polished profile in the form of a CV and covering letter. This is the first piece of information about you that an employer will see. You need to stand out from the crowd and ensure you’re the candidate they want to invite to interview.

However, writing your CV or producing a cover letter can be difficult, and so recruitment agencies could offer help with this. They can provide as much guidance as you need, including one-to-one CV writing sessions. They can also offer you the opportunity to work closely with consultants who could help you to develop your covering letter to a professional standard. They can assist you with tips and guidance based on their experience, something that is really valuable when you’ve not been in the world of full-time work before.

Most recruitment agencies offer various temporary or permanent roles depending on what fits you best. If like me, you are looking to take a year off between leaving school and going to University then a temporary role may be best for you. However, if you have decided that you would like to dive into a career then it is possible a permanent role may be better for you.

Here at Impact Recruitment, our Northampton Branch Manager, Kerry Court, took her first steps into the world of recruitment by registering with a recruitment agency and being placed as a temporary Office Administrator. Through the agency Kerry then moved into Sales, becoming a Managing Consultant and then working her way up to Branch Manager. Kerry’s story just goes to show how registering with a recruitment agency could take you into a lifelong career.

So, with deadlines coming up and teachers asking what your future may involve, remember that recruitment agencies are a resource that are there to help you take those first steps into the world of work. Below I've included some guides you can download to get you started! 

A Guide to Interview Questions

How to write a CV

You’ve got the interview- now, what do you wear?!

About the author


Siân left school and is temporarily working with Impact Recruitment whilst she saves up to go travelling next year. At school Siân's favourite subject was Drama and she plans to study Drama Education and Community at university. In her spare time Siân performs in musical theatre and makes spectacular cakes that she brings to the Impact office!