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Why are marketing jobs in high demand in 2019?

When I write blogs, I like to bring my experience in the various sectors to the forefront and since my last blog/vlog on PA’s, I have been seeing a big surge in marketing roles, have had several client enquiries and interviewed quite a few excellent marketing professionals.

It seems like innovation and marketing go hand in hand. I would like to discuss reasons for the demand, and some essential interview tips if you are applying for marketing roles.

Marketing is a core role of a business and marketing people are known as the “Lead Generator” for a company. When we talk about marketing, we think about advertising, but there is so much that goes into the world of marketing so when going for an interview bear the following in mind:

Innovative Marketing Strategies

When you do apply for roles within marketing most experienced hiring managers are looking for people that think outside the box, after all, the wrong marketing strategy could cost the company some serious money and quite a hefty loss. So, before you end up going to an interview be very well versed with their product or services and try and study the various competitors marketing strategies so that you can be confident of being on the same page as your senior marketing team.

Present this with confidence and some basic costing, and this could place you in the hot list to being selected!

Deal with bad press and know how to overcome negative reviews

The last two decades has come under the unforgiving eye of social media, and even though we respect the opinions of individuals, this can very quickly become a witch-hunt. A true Marketeer would take this as an opportunity rather than a setback and use the information to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Be a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none

Marketing has so many different channels such as email marketing, digital marketing, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, external advertising and so on. The real art of marketing is creating multiple lead generation channels so that you have an influx of leads to measure the success of your marketing.

Demonstrating that you have a broad range of skills and expertise, that you are a good return on investment, and topping it off with a perfect case study, would give you the WOW factor in your interview!

About the author

Bev Parekh

A real recruitment professional that knows how to make things happen, Bev is driven and professional. Nicknamed “The Perfect Connector”, Bev loves sharing her expertise through blogs, vlogs and networking. She is also well regarded for the culinary delights that she often treats us to in the office – it’s worth popping in on the off-chance!